The Cross Foxes Restaurant & bar

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Here at the Cross Foxes we have two main bars. The Café bar is the larger area which is used for dining and relaxed conversation whereas the stone bar is smaller and solely used for drinking purposes. The stone bar has a pool table, darts, slot machine and a large TV with music therefore has a more lively vibe. The choice of our two bars makes us a perfect choice for almost everyone!

The Café Bar

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The café bar is used for both drinking and dining, there are 7 tables in our Café Bar. In the Café bar food is served everyday from 12pm-8pm, check out our menu

All our food is locally sourced and produced by Head Chef & Manager Ben, it is exceptionally tasty.

Our Café bar also has 2 large TV's which regularly show important sports events etc. We have SKY sports so show most of the games at The Cross Foxes.

A lovely homecooked meal and cold drink whilst watching the game. What more could you want? 

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The Stone Bar


You can see now why we call it the stone bar. These stone walls are the original walls of the building, only recently uncovered in 2020. How could anyone cover up these fascinating feature walls?

In our Stone Bar we have 2 log burners to keep it cosy in the winter, along with a massive SMART TV where we regularly show SKY sports and play music. 

Here at The Cross Foxes we enjoy having a sense of community so we sometimes have karaoke's, discoes, pool tournaments etc. where everyone is welcome to get involved. 

The stone bar also has a pool table, darts and slot machine for some extra amusement. 

We often hold pool and darts tournaments in here for some friendly competition. 

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Our rustic look bar has a variety of beers and ciders on draught. 

A common favourite is Purple Moose which comes from a local brewery in Porthmadog, you must give it a try!

Our bar staff are very friendly and accommodating to your needs so don't hesitate to ask them anything.