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Top 5 Beaches in Snowdonia

Summer is just around the corner and what is better than the feel of the soft sand on your feet with the sound of the distant waves on a sunny day.

This blog will point you in the right direction of which beaches you want to visit when you come to Snowdonia, if not all of them.

Snowdonia is blessed with 200 miles of coast and more than 35 beaches. Here are the top 5 beaches in Snowdonia.

1. Barmouth

Barmouth beach has a long coastline with plenty of soft white sand and blue waters, no wonder it is Snowdonia's most popular seaside resort.

Barmouths beach is vast with white sands and blue water
Abermaw beach, Barmouth

Barmouth beach, Abermaw, has traditional donkey rides, swing boats and amusement arcades. The beach also has plenty of space for some quiet relaxation due to its vast size.

Barmouth has spectacular views of Cardigan bay and the harbour.

There are many activities and amenities in the seaside town such as restaurants, shops, pubs and even fair ground rides.

Watch out for the seagulls though!

The nearest town is Barmouth.

2. Porth Oer (Whistling Sands)

Porth Oer is also famously known as Whistling Sands due to the whistling sound created by the sand when walked on. This is a rare phenomenon caused by the unique shape of the sand grains.

Whistling sands beach
Porth Oer, Whistling Sands

The beach has a carpark, café, shop, toilets and many water sports. Although this beach is a small beach located in a bay it is one of the most popular beaches for families looking for an enjoyable day out.

Whistling sands is the perfect beach to relax with the sound of the calm waves and enjoy a cake and coffee.

The nearest town is Pwllheli.

3. Harlech Beach

Harlech beach has a stretch of 4 miles of coastline
Harlech Beach

With crystal waters and 4 miles of white sands and lush dunes Harlech beach is perfect for a family day out to the beach. It's not all seaside views at Harlech beach, you can see the 13th century Harlech castle behind the beach and a range of Snowdonia's impressive peaks.

Nearby to the Beach there is a shop, café and the famous Royal St. David's golf course. There is easy access to the beach alongside parking nearby, Harlech town is a large attraction for tourists due to its many shops/cafes and its heritage.

The nearest town is Harlech

4. Porth Neigwl (Hell's mouth)

This beach get's its scary label of 'Hell's mouth' from the shape of the bay and the high number of shipwrecks that have occurred here, it is estimated to be as may as 30.

Hell's Mouth beach Snowdonia has some great surfing waves
Porth Neigwl (Hell's Mouth)

Hell's mouth also has some of the greatest waves in Wales, for surfers it is a popular beach with consistent waves however swimmers should take great care of the currents.

The beach has a carpark and is a mixture of sand and pebbles, on a sunny day it is a great beach for a picnic however Hell's mouth can also be very windy due to its position which suggests along with the other factors that it is more of a hardcore beach mainly for surfing. For a relaxing family beach day Hell's mouth may not be as suitable.

The nearest town is Abersoch.

5. Black Rock Sands

Black rock sand's is named after the rocky cliffs at the side of the beach
Black rock sand's beach Porthmadog

Although the name black rock sands may be misleading this beach has a vast coastline of white soft sands stretching for 2 miles.

The beach is surrounded by dunes and rocky cliffs, hence the name Black Rock. These rocks have created many rockpool's which are great to explore and rich in marine life.

There is also a river mouth on the South-eastern side of the beach where Harlech castle can be seen from across the river. Samson's bay is a smaller bay connected to the beach next to the river mouth, the bay is quieter and can be accessed through a footpath near the caravan park.

The nearest town is Porthmadog.

There are so many fantastic beaches in Snowdonia each with their own unique features, these are just our personal favourites of the best beaches in Snowdonia.

Come and visit Snowdonia today, you don't need to go abroad for sunny skies and soft sands!

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