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The Cross Foxes newsletter, June 2021

Welcome to the first newsletter of The Cross Foxes! The massive refurbishment that we have undertaken is nearing completion, or at least we think it is, because sometimes it actually seems to be getting further away. We now have 6 rooms open upstairs sleeping a total of 22 people in bunkhouse style accommodation, 4 showers and 3 bathrooms on the same floor and it is looking very cosy. Room 7 will shortly be open with another 6 beds. We hope to attract groups to stay the weekends and enjoy the power showers, the brand new beds and the excellent food and drink.

Groups of our pals continue to explore the many activities in the region. At the start of June we tried coasteering which we now suspect is a term for a near death experience! If you are brave and want to really push yourself we can arrange this and other outdoor activities with Mike and his team at Adrenaline Addicts. We have previously done canyoning which is much more sedate but amazing fun and still exciting too. That same weekend we ate at the Eating Gorilla and can recommend that to our guests as an excellent vegan alternative, although we also supply some vegan options on our menu. On the same weekend we attempted a bike ride devised by the clinically insane Dave Mccue. Only joking, it was amazing. The first 7 miles uphill came as a bit of a shock to even the most experienced riders but it was a great day out and Dave is planning routes for all levels whenever he gets a spare moment.

We have got some competition going now to see who can get the best time to the top of the first major hill on that bike ride and back to the hotel: not for the faint hearted. Chris tried it again on the second weekend of June and got back in 1 hr 20 minutes. We are sure many people will beat that in the months to come. More importantly what he also tried that weekend was Ben’s stripped sirloin ciabatta sandwich with onion marmalade and Welsh rarebit. Very few people will beat his time for that. On the same weekend we had live music on the Saturday and the following day two gentlemen cyclists attempting to cycle the full length of Wales called in for a coffee and a cake.

On the third weekend of June, we had probably our first guest who wasn't friend or family. Lone walking adventurer Ned the semi-retired computer genius from Cardiff. We thought we had everything just right for him but somebody from the downstairs bar had decided to pop upstairs and use the loo leaving it in a dreadful state. We now have a combination lock on the resident’s areas. In a gesture to improve the experience of our first visitor we allowed him to stay for free and pay next time when he brings a big group as that is his intention.

On the final weekend of June, Chris could not get out to the Cross Foxes as he was down in South Wales. He managed to get a big bike ride in to try and close the gap on Mad Mccue (....abyss maybe) and also watched the Lions warmup rugby match against Japan. Then tragically Wales exited the Euros against Denmark. Disaster. This was such a dreadful shame as the atmosphere up in Trawsfynydd had been electric. Business wise June was the first month where we think we covered our costs and we are really looking forward to even better times over the summer when big groups visit the village and enjoy local food made by local people and delivered by local staff. Meanwhile, we can now start developing more and more attractions and adventures to try and bring more people in to the establishment.

Four miles from Coed y Brenin MB centre, 8 from the zip wire, 12 from the white water rafting...... the list is huge.

See you at the end of July.

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