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The Cross Foxes Newsletter February 2022

Welcome to the second newsletter of 2022

We have been very busy here at The Cross Foxes since our last newsletter, after a few quieter months things are taking a turn for the better and we are becoming more and more explored by large adventure groups.

We are very excited for the future The Cross holds.

On Wednesday 16th February two of The Cross Foxes team participated in the Doddie 500 cycle to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease. The charity 'My Name'5 Doddie Foundation' is named after rugby star Doddie Weir who suffers from the disease.

The 4 man self support team including Chris W and Connaire the biking and walking guru of the Cross Foxes set off amongst 40 other teams to cycle 520 miles in 50 hours. The cycle was from Edinburgh to Cardiff and the rugby star Rob Wainwright delivered the match ball to the Wales v Scotland match at Murrayfield

Their team were donated a support van for sleeping, snacking etc. Both The Cross Foxes and Wheel Good Times sponsored the van with their logo for MND research.

They raised over £2,000 for MND research. Well done team!

On the last weekend of February storm Eunice hit.. Unfortunately this was also the weekend that a large group of 37 known as the Official Travel Squad were staying at The Cross Foxes.

They are a large group of like-minded, outdoor travel enthusiasts who enjoy going on crazy adventures together.

Despite the weather and occasional power cuts the group had an ace time at The Cross Foxes and we hope they will be back soon for more adventures! Hopefully with some better weather too...

“Recently returned from staying here for a weekend stay booking out the whole accommodation for 37. All the staff were fantastic and very accommodating, food was, lovely and well priced and same for the alcohol beverages. The accommodation was lovely and catered well for all of us. I couldn't fault the staff or the venue, had a fantastic weekend stay and will definitely return and recommend.“

@Aaron Mains from The Official Travel Squad

We are very accommodating for large groups. If you want to explore with your family, friends, work team etc. then enquire through our group accommodation page.

We can also arrange many activities for your group and provide packed lunches for your big adventures.

At the end of each month we are arranging adventure weekends, often guided by Connaire Cann and out into the mountains and lakes on foot, bike and often in lycra.

The last expedition was a 10 mile circuit of Cnicht taking in the spectacular disused slate quarry above Croesor, finishing off with a very chilli dip in Llyn Hafod.

Without a guide you would never know some of the extraordinary history of every piece of land you walk across in North Wales.

Check out this video of the infamous helicopter crash

The next few upcoming events are:

-29th April - Guided trek around the Moelwyns

-27th May & every last weekend of the month- More activities coming up. We are also arranging a day our from the Cross to do the Wim Hoff experience with Paul Roose. More later

Lastly man mountain manager of the Cross is taking on a triathlon this year: more news on his training progress in the next newsletter.

We have now refurbished room 7 and can now take 31 guests. Cosy beds, new showers, friendly atmosphere, home cooked food, loads of activities etc. What more could you ask for?

See you soon.

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