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The best 8 walks in Snowdonia

Snowdonia National Park is the largest National Park in Wales covering an area of 2132km² filled with picturesque woodlands, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, beaches and farmland.

Amongst all this are hundreds of fantastic walks for all abilities and experience levels for everyone to enjoy the amazing scenery in Snowdonia.

1. Aberglaslyn Pass (Fisherman's path)

The Fisherman's path starts off in the scenic village of Beddgelert following the River Glaslyn up to Cym Bychan before circling round to Llyn Dinas and reaching the River back to Beddgelert.

Fisherman's Path walking route Snowdonia
The Fisherman's path - River Glaslyn

This is a tricky walk if you choose to take the challenging route, perhaps not for the faint hearted. The fisherman's path features a path of ladders on the bank of the river which can be frightening if you look down. Be sure to wear sturdy grip shoes!

There is also an easier route on the other side of the river which is a clear footpath, this means that the walk is suited for all abilities.

This walk is 4.3km long, the forest and river make this a very scenic walk with a variety of interesting wildlife.

2. Cym Idwal Walk

This walk features some of the best mountainous views in Wales and is found in the oldest national nature reserve.

Cwm Idwal walk in Snowdonia
Cwm Idwal

Cwm Idwal is a product of the ice age, this beautiful ice sculpted bowl inusually inaccessible. However walkers have discovered this route to enter the bowl and see the stunning blue water of Llyn Idwal at the bottom of the bowl.

This walk really is a must when it comes to walking in Snowdonia, it is world famous for its amazing scenery, in tact rock formations and

unique plant life.

Cwm Idwal is a 3 mile moderate walk up to the bowl and around Llyn Idwal, the route starts at Ogwen Cottage in Bethesda, Bangor LL57 3LZ.

3. Rhaeadr Ddu Falls and Coed Ganllwyd walk

This walk is an aesthetic waterside walk featuring the well known Rhaeadr Ddu waterfalls and the River Gamlan.

Rhaeadr Ddu Falls Snowdonia
Rhaeadr Ddu Falls

The falls represent a double drop waterfall of two waterfalls cascading over 60ft, what a site!

This 2 mile loop route starts and ends at Ganllwyd village hall. There is parking available here making it an easy accessible walk even for those not staying nearby.

Depending on the rainfall the river can be very powerful and fast flowing. There are also more smaller falls upstream.

This walk has a magical mossy forest filled with fantastic woodland and wildlife.

4. The legendary trail of Dinas Emrys

This 2.2 mile walk is very scenic and explores waterfalls, pools, woodlands, the ruins of ancient towers and a panoramic view over Nant Gwynant, Llyn Dinas and Glaslyn Valley.

View from Dinas Emrys
Dinas Emrys

This walk is very common for its history and legend of the dragons.

The ancient ruins found on the hill were an iron age hillside fort belonging to the last prince of Gwynedd.

The hill is also connected to the tale of the red dragon on the Welsh flag, legend says he is still sleeping under there!

This walk starts in Beddgelert at the National Trust Craflwyn car park and the Princess of Gwynedd Centre and ends at the top of Dinas Emry; the walk is considered moderate but the wet rocky path may worsen with weather.

5. Aber Falls

This 4 mile walk along rapid waters and enchanting woodland is well known for its 120ft waterfall.

Aber Falls walk, Abergwyngregyn
Aber Falls

The circular walk starts at Aber Falls carpark in Abergwyngregyn, however other carparks are also accessible adding an extra 30 minutes to the walk.

This stunning route is perfect for walking, hiking and birdwatching and includes many spectacular views. The walk is considered a moderate walk but has some steep declines on the way back around.

This walk also has some high areas so be warned if you are scared of heights!

6. Watkin Path

Watkin path is a very popular walk mostly for its crystal clear plunge pools that are popular for wild swimming.

Watkin Path waterfalls Snowdonia
Watkin Path, Snowdon

This route can be moderate or hard depending on how far you decide to go, the end of the walk is the toughest ascent and is one of the hardest routes up to the summit of Snowdon. The full route is just under 8 miles.

The descent is the same way you came making it easy to turn back whenever you feel like it. This walk is a magical walk thanks to its spectacular views, mossy woodland, waterfalls and glistening plunge pools.

The walk has a designated carpark at Pont Bethania just across the starting gate for easy access.

7. Llyn Trawsfynydd loop

We may sound biased but the Trawsfynydd lake loop walk is one of the best in Snowdonia and has a wide range or different habitats and scenery.

This stunning 8.6 mile loop of the reservoir takes you through woodland, farmland, hills, footpaths, bridges, dams and more.

There is a variety of wildlife on this walk making it perfect for birdwatching and fishing.

Llyn Trawsfynydd is the largest man made lake in Snowdonia just on our doorstep, on the way you can pop in and say to us at The Cross Foxes for a bite to eat!

8. Devil's Kitchen to Y Garn

This popular 4 mile hike starts at Ogwen Visitor Centre near Bethesda and follows towards Y Garn.

Devils Kitchen to Y Garn, Snowdonia
Devils Kitchen to Y Garn

This walk may be more challenging for some with steep climbs and boulders along the way. The name Devil's kitchen comes from the black crack in the mountain resembling steam from the devil cooking.

The views at the top of the mountain make the challenging walk worth while with views of Anglesey and the Irish Sea.

There are hundreds of fabulous walks to explore in Snowdonia, these are only our top 8 for moderate walks.

If you are up for a challenge and enjoy exploring the unexplored then maybe some of these may be too much of a stroll, why not check out our guided treks and biking routes with Wheel Good Times.

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