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Llyn Trawsfynydd - Lake walk guide

The Trawsfynydd Lake walk is one of the most interesting walks with varied scenery and terrains throughout. There is such a variety of terrains and scenery from woodland to farmland, you will see it all on the lake walk.

The Traws Lake walk even passes the old hydropower station and a bridge to cross, just don't look down!

Read this guide to learn the different features of the 8.6 mile Llyn Trawsfynydd Lake walk.

The Lakeside cafe is a great starting point for the Llyn Trawsfynydd Lake walk
The Lakeside Cafe, Trawsfynydd

You can start the Traws Lake walk at a number of locations. If you are driving to the Lake walk then we recommend starting at the Lakeside cafe or at The Cross Foxes as they both have car parking available. You can also treat yourself with a bite to eat when you have finished.

The walk is an 8.6 mile loop which has different areas of difficulty throughout, the walk generally takes around 4 hours. The walk is considered moderate for walkers and also welcome cyclists to use it as a cycle route.

The lake walk is pretty easy to follow, it is well sign posted for walkers to follow.

Along the walk there are sections of paved path and road, this is where the power station is and other areas. Many people enjoy taking the path to observe the power station however there is a footpath option that can be taken instead, this is usually popular with cyclists.

The new Maentwrog Dam on the Trawsfynydd Lake walk
Maentwrog Dam, Trawsfynydd Lake

The walk also has a large dam as the lake is a reservoir, the walk through the top of the dam is fascinating due to its sheer size.

Llyn Trawsfynydd is the largest man made lake in Snowdonia, hence the huge dam!

Here is a sneak peak of the view looking down from the top of the dam.

The walk also has a long narrow bridge across the lake, this is the starting point if you start in the village (Trawsfynydd). The bridge is a great view point to look across the lake, you may see some paddleboarders or fishers.

Llyn Trawsfynydd bridge on the lake walk
LLyn Trawsfynydd bridge

The lake walk is also highly recommended for nature enthusiasts, there are many great spots for bird watching along the way due to the variety in habitats.

The lake is a great asset to Trawsfynydd, even if you fancy a shorter stroll you can still complete a smaller section of the walk.

Come and try the lake walk today! Just be sure to visit The Cross Foxes after for a coffee and cake.

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